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  • Beloved,The truth is one day "YOU AND I" will certainly leave this world it could be by death.for it is appointed to man to die once,and after that comes judgement,(read-Heb-9-27.)it could also be by the second coming of JESUS CHRIST which will precede the end of this world.(read-2-pet-3-10).since you know that surely,one day you will leave this world the question is where are you heading? Do not say "I don't know" The word of God clearly teaches that God has prepared two inevitable destination to which every one whether rich or poor,old or young,black or white must choose to go.it is either you go to hell or heaven.(read-Luke-16:19:26). sinners who reject JESUS CHRIST will suffer eternity-(read-Rev-21:8,Jn-3:18.)think of it.

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